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DivineOlive, an olive oil with
a taste equal to none…

We are the producers of DivineOlive and, thanks to our know-how
that dates back several generations, we offer you an olive oil of
superior quality.

DivineOlive is the fruit of our labour. Having a hands-on approach,
from the planting of olive trees to getting the final product to our
points of sale, allows us to insure the freshness and traceability
of our product.

This extra-virgin, first cold-pressed olive oil, offers a fruity taste
with aromas of herbs and artichokes which complements your
finest dishes perfectly.

On this website, you will find a multitude of recipes that are both
inspiring and easy to execute. You will also find diverse information
on the production of quality olive oil as well as many tips.

Enjoy your visit and “bon appetit”

New York International Olive Oil Competition – Gold Award