Divine Olive – Produits – bouteilles d’huile d’olive - format 500 ou 250 ml – huile d’olive première pression à froid, non filtrée, taux d’acidité de 0,13%


DivineOlive is offered in 250 and 500 ml formats.

Divine Olive - Bottle of 500ml and 250ml

Ol'vie is offered in 750 ml and 3 liters formats.

Ol'ive - Bottle of 750 ml Ol'ive - Bottle of 3 litres

A Divine olive oil because of :

  • Its first cold press
  • Its freshness and its fruity-green taste with aromas of herbs and artichokes
  • Its richness in natural anti-oxidants given that it is non-filtered
  • Its rate of acidity which is only 13%
Its use : DivineOlive marries itself perfectly to both raw and cooked food and can be used in all circumstances.